6 Reasons to Study English in the UK

When studying another language, it is very important to study it in its native country, in order to have a complete immersion experience. Studying, for example, the English language in your home country may not be as efficient or practical as studying English in the UK. The use of the language is simply limited to the classroom itself. In addition to this, we believe there are 6 very good reasons why you should study English in the UK.

Why study English in the UK?

Age and ability

It is a well known fact that UK has more English language courses than any other country in the world. Studying English in the UK is not limited to ‘classroom’ material, but you can study English for professional, personal or educational purposes.

Different teaching and learning style

Studying English in the UK is often about classroom participation and experience. Aside from listening & repeating, your learning will actively involve games, problem-solving and lively discussions. You may also watch popular programs, read magazines & books in order to improve your comprehensions skills. Sounds like fun, right?

Guaranteed quality

Accredited English languages centers and schools in the UK are regularly inspected and provide a quality language learning experience. Accreditation ensure high standards of teaching, accommodation, student service support and so on.

Real-life practise

As we mentioned, the best way to learn another language is in its native country. While you study English in UK, you’ll be surrounded by native speakers and you can practise your English skills in real-life situations and on a day-by-day basis! Soon, you will find that your skills have improved enormously, that you communicate better, your vocabulary has expanded and you’ll even start thinking in English!

Ticket to your future

English is the official language in over 80 countries and it is spoken in 105 other countries. English language skills are valued by employers, colleges and universities. Improving this tool will probably be the most important investment when it comes to your future!

Cultural experience

Aside from better learning experience, when you study English in the UK, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in four different cultures (British, Scottish, Welsh and Irish), make new friends from around the world and see the sights of large cities such as London or explore the beautiful countryside.

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why study English in the UK

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