Women are better language learners than men!?

Every now and then, when I think about the differences between males and females, a question pops up in my head. Are females better language learners than males? After doing some research on the internet I stumbled upon many studies and articles which show that the answer to this question is yes. Now that I have to answer to that question, I have a new one. Why is that so? Well, I did another research and some analysis on my own and discovered some of the reasons. Keep reading to find out more about the eternal battle between both sexes.

When it comes to language learning, males and females have totally different approach: male’s learning is somewhat instrumental, while female’s is integrative. By integrative I mean that females tend to take a stronger interest the culture, the country and the speakers of the target language.

Furthermore, it’s well known that males are better with orientation than females, but females posses innate verbal skills. This means that they are better listeners, speakers, writers, and readers. Now you probably ask yourself what does all these have to do with language learning? The answer is rather simple: in order to learn a new language one must listen, speak, read and write in that language. That’s the easiest and the most accurate answer to that question. 

Another reason why females are better language learners than males is because girls (women) engage more skills (speaking, reading, listening, etc) and language elements (vocabulary, pronunciation, etc), than boys (men), who tend to stick with merely a handful of practical study methods.

The last reason that I will consider is perhaps the most important. The main reason why females are better at language learning than males lies in their brains i.e how their brains process the language. The structure of the brain is the same. It’s divided into two hemispheres: left (analytical and logic function) and right (musical, visual and non- linguistic processes). An experiment has shown that when females talk they use both hemispheres, while male use only one. Thus, females are more creative and engaged in learning than males. Males learn better with the help of visualization and hearing, while  females process languages more efficiently.

These are only some of the reasons why females are better language learners than males. Many scientist are still testing this theory and are trying to find more answers to this question. 

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