English for Beginners

This English course for beginners, in Toronto, Canada, is carefully designed to help you gain essential language skills that will help boost your confidence from day one.

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Minimum entry requirements

Course format

  • Length of study: From 2 weeks
  • Lessons per week: 28
  • Maximum class size: 15
  • Typical student age: 18 - 50
  • Typical student mix:
    18% Asian, 32% Latin American, 12% Japanese, 10% European, 20% Middle Eastern, 8% Far Eastern

Dates and fees

  • Course starts eachMon, excluding weeks that include Christmas, New Year
  • Tuition fees: From 760.00 CAD

    Tuition length options

    • 2 weeks: 760.00 CAD
    • 3 weeks: 1140.00 CAD
    • 4 weeks: 1520.00 CAD
    • 5 weeks: 1900.00 CAD
    • 6 weeks: 2280.00 CAD
    • 7 weeks: 2590.00 CAD
    • 8 weeks: 2960.00 CAD
    • 9 weeks: 3330.00 CAD
    • 10 weeks: 3700.00 CAD
    • 11 weeks: 4070.00 CAD
    • 12 weeks: 4320.00 CAD
    • 13 weeks: 4680.00 CAD
    • 14 weeks: 5040.00 CAD
    • 15 weeks: 5400.00 CAD
    • 16 weeks: 5760.00 CAD
    • 17 weeks: 6120.00 CAD
    • 18 weeks: 6480.00 CAD
    • 19 weeks: 6840.00 CAD
    • 20 weeks: 7200.00 CAD
    • 21 weeks: 7560.00 CAD
    • 22 weeks: 7920.00 CAD
    • 23 weeks: 8280.00 CAD
    • 24 weeks: 8640.00 CAD
  • Compulsory fees

    • Our admin fee: 49 CAD
    • Enrolment fee: 140.00 CAD
  • Other expenses:


As part of the intensive Beginners English course you will follow an easy-to-understand course and quickly progress from having little or no English to speaking elementary or pre-Intermediate English in just a few weeks.

Why choose a Beginners English Course?

  • An easy to follow, structured course
  • Learn essential speaking & listening and reading & writing skills
  • Get a good understanding of basic grammar and vocabulary
  • Start using practical English examples from day one.
  • Progress with regular tests, targets and personal learning plans
  • For students with very little, or no English
  • Make rapid progress with highly-structured, total immersion lessons.
  • Latest language learning techniques

Course structure

28 General English lessons focusing on speaking, understanding and reading. Some of  the lessons of general English will be in different formats including :

  • Guided lessons with the “Study Smart” learning portal
  • Lectures 
  • Project work

Course Outcomes

Your teacher will assess your progress regularly, and provide you with regular reports on your development. When you both decide you are ready, you may move up to an Elementary level Certificate of English class, if you desire. At your departure, you will receive a final progress report, and a certificate.




Teaching Method

The beginner level course consists of highly-structured lessons. A variety of methods are used to boost your confidence, increase your vocabulary, and teach you the rudiments of the language. Lessons take place in a supportive atmosphere of total immersion - no translation or use of the mother tongue!. 

We promise that you will be understanding and speaking English in just a few weeks.You will be learning along with students of other nationalities, so all communication with your teacher and your classmates will be in English.

The school’s experienced teachers use many different techniques to ensure that even those who arrive with no English at all will be able to follow the lesson and participate in the class. 

In the course of a single lesson, you'll enjoy a range of activities, including full in-class participation, group work, pair work, class discussions and fun role-plays. These make learning enjoyable and improve both your confidence and fluency. 

At the same time, there are strong underlying principles which ensure that you'll be consolidating your understanding of vocabulary and grammar. The teachers are there for you and they will respond to the needs of the class, using an assortment of materials. You will be expected to complete regular homework assignments.

Technology in the classroom

You will have access to the modern technologies on offer to help your language learning experience. These include interactive whiteboards and captivating online learning environments. It is all part of bringing your language learning experience alive and ensures that your learning experience will be a positive one.

All text books and materials are provided on this course. You may wish to purchase additional supporting books, although they are not essential

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Accredited by these organisations : ICEF, English UK