English for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers – ICAO Operational Course 291

This outstanding and highly respected ICAO 291 registered aviation English course, in Bournemouth, England is specifically designed to help pilots and air traffic controllers achieve the ICAO operational 291 language proficiency requirements.

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Minimum entry requirements

Course format

  • Length of study: From 2 weeks
  • Lessons per week: 35
  • Maximum class size: 15
  • Typical student age: 18-55
  • Typical student mix:
    23% Far Eastern, 17% French, 12% Russian, 19% Middle Eastern, 22% Latin American, 7% Hungarian

Dates and fees

  • Start dates:
    • 5 Nov 2018
    • 3 Dec 2018
    • 7 Jan 2019
    • 4 Feb 2019
    • 11 Mar 2019
    • 1 Apr 2019
    • 29 Apr 2019
    • 28 May 2019
    • 24 Jun 2019
    • 22 Jul 2019
    • 19 Aug 2019
    • 16 Sep 2019
    • 11 Nov 2019
    • 9 Dec 2019
  • Tuition fees: From 1750.00 GBP

    Tuition length options

    • 2 weeks: 1750.00 GBP (Operational Level 4)
    • 3 weeks: 2625.00 GBP (Operational Level 4)
    • 4 weeks: 3500.00 GBP (Operational Level 4)
  • Compulsory fees

    • Our admin fee: 49 GBP
    • Enrolment fee: 95.00 GBP
  • Other expenses:

Course overview

The Operational Module, including English for the Working Aviation Environment is aiming at ICAO Level 4 and 5, covers general English and English for the working aviation environment, including R/T phraseology.

The aim of this module is to improve trainees’ communicative competence with particular reference to the six ICAO language proficiency descriptors - pronunciation, structure, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and interaction.

Course participants will develop their listening skills with authentic recordings and practise using the functional language and vocabulary required in both standard and non-standard aviation situations.

Duration of training

It is difficult to predict how long an individual trainee may require to reach a specified level. The rate of language acquisition differs with each individual, and depends on their entry level of English, linguistic ability and their mother tongue. We recommend a minimum course duration of 4 weeks for all trainees.

Trainees who are at ICAO level 2 should initially follow an Intensive general English course.

Monitoring and Reporting

The tutors work closely with the Aviation Training Coordinator and the Director of Studies in the monitoring of each individual's progress.

Progress tests are conducted at appropriate intervals throughout the course, and trainees are graded according to the ICAO 6-point scale.

Detailed reports are normally submitted to the trainees' sponsors or employers at the end of the course - or earlier if a trainee's performance gives cause for concern.   In longer programmes (18 weeks or more) interim progress reports may be provided at intervals agreed with the Sponsor.


Immersion in an English Speaking environment

Training in an English-speaking country makes learning faster, more enjoyable and more effective.   Listening to English and speaking practice can continue round the clock, and learning something of the culture that lies behind the language greatly helps.

The school offers a comprehensive programme of excursions, sports and leisure activities adds another dimension to the trainees' courses, and films, lectures and other educational activities still further increase the speed and breadth of learning.


  • ICAO Level 3, Pre-Operational, covers a wide range of ability in terms of language competence. The schools levels of English included (Intermediate to Upper Intermediate) refer to a trainee’s overall language competence.
  • Any trainee enrolled on the Foundation Module or the Operational Module, whose English is found to be below the level specified for the course, will automatically be transferred to a General Intensive Course (Course G-1.30) or the Foundation Module, as appropriate.
  • The sponsors will be informed immediately in order that a revised study plan may be agreed.
  • Trainees at ICAO Level 2 should contact us for course details.


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