Intensive English

On this excellent and innovative intensive English course you will find a formal yet relaxed approach to learning. Study time is divided between lectures, classes and tutorials. Students practice their English skills in a helpful tutor-led environment that encourages participation and discussion.

Our price promise

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Minimum entry requirements

Course format

  • Length of study: From 2 weeks
  • Lessons per week: 25
  • Hours per week: 19
  • Maximum class size: 14
  • Typical student age: 19 - 57
  • Typical student mix:
    17% Latin American, 29% European, 12% Middle Eastern, 24% Far Eastern, 18% Japanese

Dates and fees

  • Start dates:
    • 26 Oct 2015
    • 16 Nov 2015
    • 4 Jan 2016
    • 8 Feb 2016
    • 7 Mar 2016
    • 11 Apr 2016
    • 16 May 2016
    • 22 Aug 2016
    • 29 Aug 2016
    • 19 Sep 2016
    • 24 Oct 2016
    • 14 Nov 2016
  • Tuition fees: From 392.00 GBP

    Tuition length options

    • 2 weeks: 392.00 GBP (Between 13 June 2016 and 19 August 2016 the weekly fee is GBP 299.00)
    • 3 weeks: 588.00 GBP
    • 4 weeks: 784.00 GBP
    • 5 weeks: 980.00 GBP
    • 6 weeks: 1176.00 GBP
    • 7 weeks: 1302.00 GBP
    • 8 weeks: 1488.00 GBP
    • 9 weeks: 1674.00 GBP
    • 10 weeks: 1860.00 GBP
    • 11 weeks: 1958.00 GBP
    • 12 weeks: 2136.00 GBP
    • 13 weeks: 2314.00 GBP
    • 14 weeks: 2492.00 GBP
    • 15 weeks: 2670.00 GBP
    • 16 weeks: 2848.00 GBP
    • 17 weeks: 3026.00 GBP
    • 18 weeks: 3204.00 GBP
    • 19 weeks: 3382.00 GBP
    • 20 weeks: 3560.00 GBP
    • 21 weeks: 3738.00 GBP
    • 22 weeks: 3916.00 GBP
    • 23 weeks: 3703.00 GBP
  • Compulsory fees

    • Our admin fee: 49 GBP
    • Enrolment fee: 80.00 GBP
    • Textbooks: 27.00 GBP
  • Other expenses:

Course overview

Lessons are designed to help you hear, understand and express yourself more completely and with greater confidence in a range of different situations.

Innovative teaching - Enjoyable learning

With a maximum class size of 14 and minimum enrolment age of 16, the school is passionate that you should gain the maximum educational and cultural benefit from your time in Brighton. For this reason, you will always be encouraged to work to your full potential.

On arrival students are introduced to their personal tutor who will be there to offer friendly guidance and encouragement at all times. Before lessons commence, on the first day, students undertake a test to establish their English level to ensure you are placed in the right class.

Course structure

Lessons are carefully designed to help you develop your practical communication skills, reading, grammar and writing - with special emphasis on speaking, pronunciation and listening. Lessons are structured to allow maximum time for practice and to help you achieve a high level of fluency.

There is a self access centre and your tutor will show you how to use this so that you can do plenty of extra work if you wish. 

Study time is divided between lectures, classes and tutorials. Experience shows us that this three-strand approach allows students to learn efficiently and keeps motivation high.




Beyond the classroom

Students are given the opportunity to research an in-depth project on a relevant cultural or historical subject and present it to the school during Activity Week. You will be supported by your teacher with your preparations and subject choice, and you can choose to work alone or in a group. Recent project topics have included Robin Hood, London bridges, Jack the Ripper, Shakespeare, and many others.

You can also use your research project to visit other parts of the UK during your stay. Alternatively, you can choose to remain in Brighton and research your project through day trips or on a locally based subject.

Lecture series

As part of the schools commitment to make study time as stimulating and enlightening as possible, students enjoy a weekly lecture or study visit which focuses on various aspects of British life. Popular past lectures have included Homelessness, Britain & the World, Things to do in London, 101 interesting things about British history, HIV and the Terence Higgins Trust, The English Court System, Photographic Portraiture, British Food, British Songs, Presentation Techniques and Employers’ Expectations of Employees.

English interactive skills workshops

Fancy your hand at learning something new? As part of the course; you have the opportunity to participate in one of the interactive skills workshops. Subjects include: Singing in English, What’s to Read? Talking Activities, Lyrics, Shakespeare Shorts and Drama and Creative Writing. There are up to 16 places for each workshop, so as well as learning new skills you will be able to practice English with classmates who share similar interests.

Britain Today

Find out more about how British society works. Our Britain Today course involves 2 lessons or lectures each week on different aspects of modern Britain, with subjects including the welfare, educational, political and judicial systems.

Intensive English - Sample timetable 

Day → Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat  
Notes: This is a sample timetable only and is subject to change without notice. * Nominal charge of GBP 10.00 for themed dinner evenings. 
Morning sessions: 09:00 to 12:20


Interactive English




Interactive English


Britain Today


Optional full day excursion  
12:20 to 13:15 Lunch            
Afternoon sessions: 13:15 to 14:45


Self study

Self study Library


Self Study

Self Study Library


Self study

Optional full day excursion  
Optional Evening activities Film evening Board games International quiz night Music evening Themed dinner evening* Free evening Optional full day excursion  
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