Intensive French for Beginners

This comprehensive intensive French course for beginners in the wonderful city of Paris focuses on the four key pillars of learning French - speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will also have the opportunity to develop your vocabulary and get to grips with some of the grammatical basics of the French language.

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Minimum entry requirements

Course format

  • Length of study: From 1 week
  • Lessons per week: 26
  • Maximum class size: 12
  • Typical student age: 17 - 44

Dates and fees

  • Start dates:
    • 4 Apr 2016
    • 25 Apr 2016
    • 6 Jun 2016
    • 18 Jul 2016
    • 8 Aug 2016
    • 19 Sep 2016
    • 7 Nov 2016
    • 21 Nov 2016
  • Tuition fees: From 305.00 EUR

    Tuition length options

    • 1 week: 305.00 EUR
    • 2 weeks: 610.00 EUR
    • 3 weeks: 915.00 EUR
    • 4 weeks: 1160.00 EUR
    • 5 weeks: 1450.00 EUR
    • 6 weeks: 1740.00 EUR
    • 7 weeks: 2030.00 EUR
    • 8 weeks: 2320.00 EUR
    • 9 weeks: 2610.00 EUR
    • 10 weeks: 2900.00 EUR
    • 11 weeks: 3190.00 EUR
    • 12 weeks: 3180.00 EUR
    • 13 weeks: 3445.00 EUR
    • 14 weeks: 3710.00 EUR
  • Compulsory fees

    • Our admin fee: 49 EUR
    • Enrolment fee: 80.00 EUR
  • Other expenses:

Course overview

This course is an introduction to French language and French culture. It is designed for students who have never learned French or whose knowledge is limited to just a few words. It combines basic grammar, vocabulary and communication skills studied in real life situations.

At beginner level teachers will present basic grammar points and vocabulary for everyday situations.

The objective of this course is to enable students to:

  • Express themselves in everyday situations (introducing themselves, greeting people, talking about their habits, expressing their feelings and opinions, asking and giving information, finding their way, talking about past events or projects)
  • Understand words and sentences in simple texts
  • Understand simple instructions
  • Understand and participate in short conversations on topics of everyday life
  • Write short texts




Course details

Core lessons of twenty general French lessons offering a total of 15 hours spread through the week (on average 3 hours per day). 1 lesson = 45 minutes

Skills focus

Focus is on the 4 key language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing).

Afternoon modules

In the afternoons students have a choice of specialised modules. These are spread over the week. Each module is 1.5 hours in length

The afternoon workshops allow you to progress faster, and help you to improve a particular language skill and enrich your knowledge of French culture. There are four elements to choose from:

  • Language reinforcement
  • French exam preparation
  • Cultural discovery
  • Professional French
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