General English – Core Programme

This excellent language course, in Bournemouth England, helps you learn English quickly and effectively. The core English programme is based on the four language skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Emphasis is placed on encouraging your fluency and confidence in the language.

Our price promise

If you find this course cheaper elsewhere, we will match the price and give you a £50 voucher when you book*.

*Applies only to like-for-like dates at the same school on the same course for the same duration.


Minimum entry requirements

Course format

  • Length of study: From 2 weeks
  • Lessons per week: 20
  • Maximum class size: 14
  • Typical student age: 17-44
  • Typical student mix:
    15% Turkish, 5% African, 35% Far Eastern, 5% Middle Eastern, 40% European

Dates and fees

  • Course starts eachMon, excluding weeks that include Christmas
  • Tuition fees: From 470.00 GBP

    Tuition length options

    • 2 weeks: 470.00 GBP
    • 3 weeks: 705.00 GBP
    • 4 weeks: 940.00 GBP
    • 5 weeks: 1150.00 GBP
    • 6 weeks: 1380.00 GBP
    • 7 weeks: 1610.00 GBP
    • 8 weeks: 1840.00 GBP
    • 9 weeks: 2070.00 GBP
    • 10 weeks: 2300.00 GBP
    • 11 weeks: 2530.00 GBP
    • 12 weeks: 2760.00 GBP
    • 13 weeks: 2860.00 GBP
    • 14 weeks: 3080.00 GBP
    • 15 weeks: 3300.00 GBP
    • 16 weeks: 3520.00 GBP
    • 17 weeks: 3740.00 GBP
    • 18 weeks: 3960.00 GBP
    • 19 weeks: 4180.00 GBP
    • 20 weeks: 4400.00 GBP
    • 21 weeks: 4620.00 GBP
    • 22 weeks: 4840.00 GBP
    • 23 weeks: 5060.00 GBP
    • 24 weeks: 5280.00 GBP
  • Compulsory fees

    • Our admin fee: 49 GBP
    • Enrolment fee: 90.00 GBP
    • CAS fee: 15.00 GBP
  • Other expenses:

Course overview

The core English course  is based on the four language skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

Emphasis is placed on encouraging your fluency and confidence in the language. Your teachers will employ the most efficient techniques to ensure you develop accurate grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
You will be in a multi-national class, placed with other students of the same level with the same high motivation. The aim is to ensure you learn the maximum possible.

Some of your lessons will be in the computer room, where you can use computers with interactive software and broadband connection.

All courses include unlimited access to 'beet on-line', course books, student file and paper, map of Bournemouth, Student Guide, student identity card and a full social programme including 2 evening lectures per week.


Teaching Materials

Our partner school uses the latest course books and materials. The school Principal has written many leading titles and even received an award from the Duke of Edinburgh for one of his books. This commitment to excellence in materials continues to this day - we use the latest course books and provide them free as part of your main course.

A Varied Programme

Normally, you have two to four teachers each day, depending on which course you have chosen. This gives you the chance to experience a variety of approaches to the language. This variation is further expanded through use of audio, audiovisual equipment and computers.

You will learn real English, as it is used in the world outside the classroom. The aim is to bring you as near to native competence as possible.

There are regular tests to monitor your progress in grammar, vocabulary and the four main skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

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Accredited by these organisations : ICEF, English UK