IELTS English Exam Preparation

A good score in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is often a requirement for admission into British, Australian and New Zealand universities. It is also becoming increasingly recognised internationally for universities worldwide. Test your level here.

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Minimum entry requirements

Course format

  • Length of study: From 4 weeks
  • Lessons per week: 20
  • Maximum class size: 15
  • Typical student age: 17-35
  • Typical student mix:
    30% Asian, 20% Far Eastern, 12% Japanese, 24% European, 14% Middle Eastern

Dates and fees

  • Course starts eachMon, excluding weeks that include Christmas, New Year
  • Tuition fees: From 1808.00 AUD

    Tuition length options

    • 4 weeks: 1808.00 AUD
    • 5 weeks: 2260.00 AUD
    • 6 weeks: 2712.00 AUD
    • 7 weeks: 3122.00 AUD
    • 8 weeks: 3568.00 AUD
    • 9 weeks: 4014.00 AUD
    • 10 weeks: 4460.00 AUD
    • 11 weeks: 4906.00 AUD
    • 12 weeks: 5160.00 AUD
    • 13 weeks: 5590.00 AUD
    • 14 weeks: 6020.00 AUD
    • 15 weeks: 6450.00 AUD
    • 16 weeks: 6880.00 AUD
    • 17 weeks: 7310.00 AUD
    • 18 weeks: 7740.00 AUD
    • 19 weeks: 8170.00 AUD
    • 20 weeks: 8380.00 AUD
    • 21 weeks: 8799.00 AUD
    • 22 weeks: 9218.00 AUD
    • 23 weeks: 9637.00 AUD
    • 24 weeks: 10056.00 AUD
  • Compulsory fees

    • Our admin fee: 49 AUD
    • Enrolment fee: 150.00 AUD
  • Other expenses:


The IELTS English exam preparation course, offered by our partner school in Melbourne, Australia, allows you to study full time or part time. Not only will you join a dedicated class of students all studying towards the same goal, but you will benefit from having experienced IELTS teachers, who will help you with exam preparation techniques, as well as focusing on your language learning needs.

You will have the opportunity to see and study past exam papers to help you develop the exact skills you need to pass the IELTS exam, whilst at the same time having the opportunity to improve your all round English. In short you can be confident that your teachers will help you develop the skills you need to enter the exam room with confidence - and exit with great results!

Course structure

This course is based on twenty exam preparation lessons a week and eight Elective lessons. You can choose from the following Electives:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Conversation skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Business communication

You choose up to a maximum of two electives and every four weeks you have the option of choosing to focus on different Electives. 

If you wish you can choose to opt for twenty Elective lessons a week and eight exam preparation lessons. Please contact us for more details.




Teaching method

All lessons are taught the Embassy way, with full in-class participation, group work, pair work, and class discussions. Bear in mind that exam classes also necessitate a certain amount of solo work and mock examinations. Students are expected to be dedicated and to work to the best of their abilities.

You can be confident that Embassy’s professional, qualified teachers will respond to the needs of the class, using an assortment of learning materials and techniques. You'll be expected to complete daily homework assignments and sample tests.

Technology in the classroom

You will have access to the modern technologies on offer to help your language learning experience. These include interactive whiteboards and captivating online learning environments. It is all part of bringing your language learning experience alive and ensures that your learning experience will be a positive one.

All text books and materials are provided on this course. You may wish to purchase additional supporting books, although they are not essential.

Exam Results

The minimum level for joining this course is Intermediate, which is roughly equal to IELTS 4.5 to 5.5. You can expect to rise by approximately one IELTS point per 12 weeks that you study. So, for example, if you begin as Intermediate and study for 12 weeks, you can expect your new IELTS score to be 5.5 to 6.5. British universities usually require a 5.5 to 7.0 score for entrance, depending on the type of course that you choose.

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