UK University Preparation at Cambridge University

At Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge - Summer School, Cambridge, UK
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1. Study

When you have completed this section we will show you options for accommodation, transfer and insurance, and for you to tell us your details.

2 weeks: 3250.00 GBP
Compulsory fees
49 GBP
2. Accommodation

We have matched the duration of your accommodation to the length of study you have chosen. If you want accommodation for more or less than that amount of time, choose Customise alongside your preferred accommodation type below.

Please note: you may choose accommodation for less than your length of study but if you do, you will be asked to provide proof of alternative accommodation arrangements to make up the difference once we have agreed a firm reservation.

If you would like to extend your stay beyond the length of your course, choose Customise alongside your preferred accommodation below.

Accommodation is included in the tuition fee.

4. Insurance

Our health and travel insurance policy is excellent value at a cost of €2.50 per day. View the policy summary (PDF). Do you want to use our policy?

5. Your details
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