Madrid, Spain

The capital of Spain probably does not need much introduction. There are however so many hidden gems of things to do and see it makes living and studying in the capital city a daily pleasure. Like most capital cities Madrid has its fair share of busy roads and hustle and bustle.


Madrid has a history dating back to the 1500’s. It has many outstanding museums and wonderful parks and gardens. The city is located in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula, with ski slopes an hour away to the North and beaches and a outstanding coastal scenery to the south east. No Spanish destination is more than a seven hour car ride away. Consequently Madrid is in the fortunate position of being a great jump-off point for sightseeing. 

There is a danger though that you might not want to leave when you start seeing Real Madrid beating Valencia, or going to the many concerts on offer in the city, or even the bullfights. If that is not your thing why not find a nice bar or coffee shop, (they are almost on every corner) and just watch the world go by.  One thing you can be sure of is that every day is different. We think that Madrid is a truly wonderful place to immerse yourself in Spanish culture and learn Spanish. . 

Real Madrid soccer school

Develop your soccer skills with the Fundación Real Madrid Campus Experience and gain an insight into the techniques and training methods of Champions.

Enforex Madrid

Enforex Madrid is the second largest of the schools within the Enforex group and has recently been completely renovated. It is located in the centre of Madrid not far from the university district

Enfocamp, Madrid

The Madrid summer camp takes place in the main residence hall of the Francisco de Vitoria University, one of the most prestigious universities in Spain. The campus, which is spacious and characterized by trees and green spaces, is located just outside of Madrid on the Carretera Pozuelo - Majadahonda, Km 1.8

don Quijote, Madrid

The don Quijote school in Madrid, like all don Quijote schools, has that extra little bit of style and class. An integral part of the don Quijote promise is to guarantee small class sizes -never more than eight students in a class- gives students the perfect platform to get down and serious with their Spanish learning from…

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