Guidance for parents

When booking a course for your child there will be lots of questions you want reassurance on. We aim to answer them here, but if there is something on your mind that we’ve not covered, just get in touch.

Does my child need a visa?

Please see our visa guidance for the country your child will be studying in.

I have discovered my child does need a visa. What do I do?

Once you have made your booking online and paid in full for the course we will send you a confirmation letter. You take this letter to the visa section at the Embassy of the country where your child is going to be studying, together with any other relevant documents, and this will enable the visa section to process your visa.

My child is travelling in a group with other students. Who should I talk to about a visa?

You should contact the group leader who will help you with the visa process.

Will my child be met on arrival?

A representative of your chosen summer school will meet your child on arrival at the airport and transfer him or her to the campus. At the end of the course, they will take your child back to the airport and help them check in for the flight.

Where will my child stay?

Unless specified otherwise, all our summer school courses for young people are ‘on campus’ residential based courses.

Will my child have their own room?

At most of the summer school courses we offer accommodation is on a shared basis. We provide details of other options if available.

What’s the food like and do I have any say in it?

The food in the country in which you have chosen to send your child for their summer activity and language course is likely to be different from that at home. All our schools and colleges have many years of experience serving students and young people from all over the world. And all the schools that we work with are sensitive to special needs for dietary or religious reasons. Just let us know if you have any particular requirements.

How do the summer courses work?

On the first day there is normally a short test to find out your language level. You are then split into small (fifteen students maximum) classes. Depending on which school you choose there are usually three lessons every day and the rest of the day is spent doing activities and visits. There are also excursions every week to places of interest.

What clothes shall I take?

The weather in Europe, particularly in the UK changes quite a lot. The summer months between June and September are usually warm (22°C on average during the day, 14°C at night). For the evenings we recommend a pullover, top or light jacket, and some waterproof clothing is advisable.

Do I need insurance? Is it included in the price?

You do need insurance and it is not included in the price. We will soon be able to offer you an insurance policy tailored to our students needs but in the meantime you will need to arrange your own insurance.

How do I know the school I have chosen for my child is a good one?

We have built up on-going long term relationships with all the schools that we represent and they have been personally inspected by us. All of them are also accredited and vetted by their country’s relevant education bodies, which means they are regularly inspected on all aspects of their courses including teaching, accommodation, food, activities and excursions.

Is there any difference in price if I book directly with the school?

Yes! Some of the courses we offer are less expensive if you book them through us. No courses will cost you more than the standard price listed by their school.

How close to a course starting can I make a booking?

The booking deadlines depend upon all sorts of variables so there isn’t a simple answer. We reserve the right to insist upon a booking at least 8 weeks before your course starts, but we can often secure a place on a course much closer to its start date – which is why we list start dates as close as 3 days prior to courses starting.

But it must be remembered that where you need a visa, visa applications can sometimes take up to 3 weeks. So we advise that visa applications are made as early as possible.

Regardless of booking deadline we insist upon payment in full before you leave your home country,

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